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During the ISE conference in Amsterdam, we were guests during the press introduction of DALI‘s new top of the line speaker: the Epicon 6. This speaker – and future speakers within the Epicon line-up – replace the current top of the line products: the Euphonia line-up. No one less than DALI’s CEO Lars Worre gave us, led by a well organised powerpoint presentation, the necessary technical details about the Danish manufacturers flagship product. Because we talking about a top of the range loudspeaker, expectations were very high. Excited like little kids with new toys, a few weeks after ISE 2012, we tried out the new DALI Epicon 6 speakers in our familiar listening room.

The Danish speaker producer DALI has been active our precious audio market since 1983. Lars Worre himself gave us a technical introduction concerning the Epicon 6 during ISE 2012 in Amsterdam. Worre has been working at DALI since 1991. He started just after his engineering studies and became involved in the execution of speaker designs with the then still ‘small’ DALI. In 1993, founder Lyngdorf was too busy, amongst others, trying to acquire NAD (in the meantime, sold back to the Canadians). This caused Worre to be appointed as Managing Director. Since his entrance, the brand has grown quickly to become one of the major players in today’s market. The brand is a valuable alternative to other speaker producers most distributors have showcased.

DALI Epicon 6
The Epicon 6 is DALI’s flagship speaker, but at the same time it also introduces a new technology called Linear Drive Magnet System. This technology helps the producer counter distortion. For this, DALI searched for materials that have linear magnetic properties throughout the entire frequency range. They found this in SMC (soft magnetic compound) material. An external European manufacturer restores the ground up dust (compound) back to one element. Surrounding this polar element is an aluminium ring to reduce and stabilize voice coil inductance. The total output of reduced distortion achieved by this new technique is both measurable and audible.

Within DALI’s top of the line products, the Epicon 6 will cost roughly 9000 euros per pair. The speaker has a straight baffle with a top end that slopes up towards the back. The housing has a curving towards the rear, which is smaller than the front end. The ever glossy black baffle causes the red-brown bass drivers to pop out. The wood finish is available in either Walnut or Ruby Macassar gloss. The complete finish in wood make this speaker a full grown piece of furniture with an artsy character. The speaker line-up consists of two bass drivers of 6.5 inch each, a tweeter module existing of both a soft dome tweeter of 29 millimeters and a ribbon module of 10*55 millimeters. On its own, this is a very decent combination. It’s a technological masterpiece, combining a dome with a ribbon, which is supposed to be faster than a dome. One’d expect the transition to be the critical point, but the Epicon 6 takes care of it easily.

The speaker housing of the Epicon 6 can endure up to 110dB pressure. The speaker’s frequency range is between 35Hz and 30kHz, giving it quite a firm low. Sensitivity is 88dB. An average value is 90dB. However, it needs to be said that that’s a relative observation, because: what, exactly, is good? Theoretically speaking because of the lower sensitivity, the Epicon 6 needs a bigger amplifier with more control. However, this went better than expected. On the rear end, we find solid and exceptional quality speaker clamps. The clamps have the option to bi-wire, and are so big and solid you can easily tighten a shovel with it. The Epicon 6 speaker weighs 66lbs, is 49 inches tall, 9 wide and 17 inches deep. Thanks to its great finish, the speaker is a full grown piece of furniture, which fits perfectly in your living room or listening area.

Good Things

  • Fabulous finish
  • Interesting speaker line-up (reflexsystem)
  • Adult speaker that can bring the entire tonal range with the necessary amount of calm
  • An excellent communicator, draws its attention to its appearance
  • Quality connectionterminals / bridging element

Bad Things

  • Cable sensitive
  • Requires amplifier quality

The Breakdown

Price-Quality ratio
Build quality

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